App Design, Ui, Icon Design.

A concept made in fall 2013. It's a collaboration with my friend and colleague Diego Margini. As part of the request of the client, we tried to achieve a design that was as clean as possible in order to let the user focus on the content and the completion of the survey. We couldn't modify the ux and patterns, hence we focused mainly on the screen design and UI. I also designed the custom icons, which are part of this Set.

Some screens of the survey app

The Survey Completion

Designing the central part of the app, the survey completion screens, we tried to keep the interface as clean as possible. We removed every element that the user didn't need, leaving only the buttons to move to the next question, and a percentage bar on top. By doing that, the user is focused on the survey, and doesn't have any distraction-element on the screen. The ui elements were also designed using simple shapes and white, in order to keep it as simple as possible.

The survey completion

Icons and Styleguide

The icons which we used in Survey are all part of the same set that I designed. They are based on a 32 px grid (64 Retina) and are drawn with a 2px thick stroke. You can have a look at the entire iconset Here.

The iconset

The combination of the blur effect and the white was planned in order to keep the style of the app quite “anonymous”. We thought that a clear approach could help the user focusing on the content. For the same reason, we used only one font, the Roboto, in two weights. Being used quite often, Roboto has become for the digital what the Helvetica was for print.

Typography and colors

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